Month: April 2009


RegExp References that really helps !

well , i had to validate some complex data validation and instead of copying and paste of code from any example i learned RegExp today from following of the references .
hope it will help u too .

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format the date in PHP

today i m sharing a simple and most needy thing that is used in almost every project .

it will print the date like this 25.04.2009.
following are 2 functions that can be used to achieve this target .hope this helps

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Google Summer of Code 2009

its very dissappinted for me that my application for Google Summer of code 2009 has been rejected. i had applied for WordPress Organization in 2 areas .

1. Advance Search in WordPress

2. BuddyPress in WordPress

anyways , i will not loose my confidence and will start my own open source application soon.

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wildapricot theme designer

hey guys ,

i am happy to let u know that i have finally finish my wildapricot theme design and integrated it with the website . it was very difficult when i get started but after that by using my experience in CSS . i finally completed it .  is the sub domain of wildapricot social network. here is the main domain .

here are some of the Help Docs that helped me to finish this project.
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Error msg in Web.config: Child nodes not allowed.

i had to install the CMS insitecreation software but i got this error , i had VS 2005 installed but it shows that this will not run at 2.0 compiler .

i must have to install the 3.5 version to run this CMS insitecreation
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