Following are the some of the awards and publications I have received so far:

1. Google Summer of Code participated as a student in 2010 and got 5,000 USD from Google.

2. Mentor in Google Code-in 2011,2012 from RTEMS

3. Mentor in Google Summer of Code 2012,2013 from RTEMS

4. Awarded an Innovation Hero Title from InnovationPunjab(PITB and Google)  Don’t forget to check my video shoot by them. I was one of the 9 heroes got this award.  Here is an Introduction video for Empowering the next generation of Innovation heroes. Spot me in that video 😉

5. Google Student Ambassador 2013 and acting as a middle man between Virtual University of Pakistan and Google. It was a great experience to attend the SEARCH Summit in Indonesia on Google Expense 😉


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